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Are we all ready for some colour? I am!

Are we all ready for some colour? I am!

Well I really hope that you are ready for a colourful hit coming your way! 

I have been working on the collection, and really looking to find you all that little but of something that's a bit different, yet still keeping in touch with the season's trends! 

Here is a really quick update for you on the colours and shapes for the season! 

Tie Dye is a big trend - and we have a few different variations for you, from knitwear, to linen tops, dresses and even joggers! I am bringing back the Bella Tie Dye Jumpsuit too very soon! And Check out our Julia Jumpers at £32 and our new Jada Tie Dye Joggers! I am loving both of these right now!

Pinks are really everywhere at the moment! And our Gill Cargo Magic Pant gives you pastel and bright in Pink! That's definitely a strong way to get pink in to your look! We also have lovely linen tops which are in pastel pinks and cerise... lovely floral little numbers which are going to look great with denim or white trousers! Our new Josie Magic Pant, also comes in a stunning light Pink colour, and we have subtle pink jumpers with a touch of cashmere too! 

There is a bit more of last year's Tiered dresses trend to come, in Maxi & shorter lengths - we have a few in the Sale which are worth grabbing as all are still current and total bargains! 

Yellows - we have to be careful with yellows, as some of them really can look yucky or actually look like lime. But, as one of the Pantone colours of the year is Illuminating - Yellow is most definitely important. SO I will be grabbing some styles which work in my view. The first is one of our Animal Magic Pants, called the Josie. Its a 10-18 One Size fits all, and is just £26!! And we have some superb Floral or Tie Dye Linens in shades of Yellow which are really flattering, and mixed with other tones to make them VERY wearable! 

Blues - there really are some delicious Blue Tones around, from Pastels, to Aqua to Mid Blues - all work fabulously with White. We cover all tones in the range right now from Turquoise Sequin Star Oversized Top £32, to Denim Blue in our Camo Magic Pants! Sometimes I pull stock together for outfit building and it can feel that we are very blue! But it's a 'go to' colour for a great many folk! 

Denim Jeans - These are really bringing in hints of the desire to be comfortable! I'm so pleased to hear it! Skinny Jeans will slowly become less important, and Straight, Mum Fits, Wide Legs & even Flares are going to be sought after. Sourcing Denim is something I really am going to tread carefully with, after all - there are sooo many placed you can buy Jeans - so it doesn't necessarily fit into my Key Values of Liven = Something Different! But what I can offer you are Denim coloured Magic Pants - in Plains and Prints - so Watch this space! 

Florals - What is Spring without some decent floral Prints??!! We cover in Scarves really some gorgeous floral prints, and we have tunics which are giving that vintage floral pretty vibe too! I will be looking for more of these as the season goes on.  

Sleeve Detail - Well, I know this is not for everyone out there. But a bit of a puff, fluted or gathered sleeve is definitely important for this season, much as it was last year.  I am being very careful to select only the most wearable versions of them, and we do have some that have hit the sale - so check out those pages and grab a bargain or two! 

I will keep you guys all updated as we go through the season - but we will definitely be focusing on easy to wear styles! 


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