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Is it Spring time yet?

Is it Spring time yet?

Well, now that we have gotten January out of the way, we see February with hope and optimism! I am so totally over all the winter sales and ready to see fresh new styles! Are you ready? 

I'm really pleased to be starting our first ever Spring Summer Collection - when we launched in the middle of last year, I ranged a mix of product based on what was available from my suppliers!

I am of course, bringing back some of the styles you lot loved, and looking to the new 2021 trends, will bring you the best of the must haves. 

Liven's following has grown steadily over the last 6 months, and I know that you guys are loving all our loungewear! This is at the heart of the range, bringing you stylish, comfy and affordable quality casualwear. 😍

You can expect to see more versions of our linen tops and dresses - all easy to wear! Plus the denim slouchy pants were a hit last year in Star and Floral Prints, so I will be getting more of these for sure! 

Let's not forget our Hand Printed Tees - I am working on new versions of these so you can have great colour options and fun appliqued slogans! Not just stars! (although we do love a star!) 

So watch out for news of all of our Spring ranges and Summer Collections... 

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