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Meet the Founder of Liven Boutique

Meet the Founder of Liven Boutique

Welcome to Liven Boutique!

Who knew when I started my own business, I would have soooo much fun???
Don’t get me wrong, it’s lots of hard work, and I really miss working with my old teams, plus there are some late nights... but it’s totally a joy!
I’m loving discovering more of my creative side and generally just being my own boss!

I believe that feeling comfy and looking great should be easily to achieve, and that's what Liven Boutique is all about! - Easy to wear, versatile designer inspired fashion which is amazing quality & value!

I have worked in the Fashion Industry for over twenty years (Ssshhh don't tell anyone it's been that long!!)  And since my teens I have been Shopping-obsessed!  In fact I chose our current house because of the walk in closet space! & I still feel I don't have enough space for all my clothing (And don't even get me started on the space my Shoes need!) So to say that I live and breathe fashion is totally true! 

I am a tad obsessed with my latest creations in the range... our hand printed luxe hoodies!
I’m only sourcing THE best quality and fit, whilst offering amazing value for money! These are all priced between £35 & £42! 🤩🤩 

- And of course, as you can see - we sell don’t just sell hoodies! We sell joggers, jumpers, accessories, dresses and tees, just loads of lovely wearable fashion! 🥰

So far in this journey, I have been overwhelmed by the support from my lovely customers, and just how many of you come back and buy from my collections time and time again! 

I really love hearing from you all, even if its just to say hello! and hearing what you think of the range and service! Drop me a line at if you have any questions about the range or postage etc! 

Oh, and Please Please Please keep on helping me grow by sharing posts on social media, commenting too! & generally spreading the word about Liven Boutique to help me find more new customers!

'Till Next Time 


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