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Our range can help you feel comfy, stylish & great

Our range can help you feel comfy, stylish & great

If you are looking at your wardrobe and seriously wondering what on earth you can put on, which will have you feeling & looing great, then you really should have a look at our collection of affordable fashion - we focus on comfy stylish clothing, and we have a whole host of styles which will help you! 

If you are trying to hide or even lose some of those lockdown pounds, we have some tips which can really help you feel great!


Here are our Top Tips for Fashion which makes you feel & look slimmer.

  • A great fitting Trouser is key.
    • This will avoid cinching you in and having the dreaded muffin top - go for comfort!
    • Try our Fizz & Gill Styles of Magic Pants
  • A loose Shirt or Top works well with fitted trousers. Or if you want a fitted Top, wear loose fit trousers.
    • This will help give you confidence to highlight your best assets.
    • Try our Kylie Silk Palazzo Pants or our Kara Silk Hankyhem Tops.
  • Go for long layers & thigh grazing Tops.
    • Add a belt but do not cinch too tight!
    • Try our Hari or Kathy Linen Tunics
  • Wear a statement Scarf.
    • There are so many ways to style your scarf - you could even use one as a belt! Be creative and have fun!
    • Our Scarf Collection starts from just £4
  • Other quick Tips
    • Wear top to toe in Black or a dark colour.
    • Make sure you are wearing underwear which fits! Or try some shapewear.
    • Wear heels to make your legs look longer or try pointed toes.
    • Tuck in your top or try a (Tan France special..) ½ tuck, this will make you look and feel slimmer than an untucked top.
    • If you have broad shoulders, go for wider leg trousers to balance out your silhouette – it instantly makes you feel more proportioned.
    • Highlight your assets with bright colours.

We have lots of silhouette enhancing styles - like our Dungarees and Jumpsuits, which skim and drape is such a flattering way! 

You can also get the sun on those legs, with our Magic Shorts & Skirts! These really are perfect for sunnier days & still have all the comfort and stylish fit that you have come to love about our range of Magics! 

Have a good old browse through the website now, and find something fun & flattering and get your summer wardrobe that sunshine ready boost! 

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