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Shop with Confidence at Liven Boutique

Shop with Confidence at Liven Boutique

Whilst we grow our business, and receive reviews from our customers, we wanted to give you confidence to shop with us!  We are a real company, just new.  But we have worked in Fashion Retail & Buying for many years, so we are always on the look out for something stylish, fun and value.

A friend who has ordered many items from us recently said " the quality of the fabric was great, and washes well", our comment was "well, we don't buy any old rubbish you know!" 

Our pricing is very competitively set, as we want to offer the very best value for money we can.  

Just to you know:

1) We accept returns up to 14 days from delivery, so you can return items which don's suit you. 

2) We accept payments through PayPal and Shopify card payments.

3) Your name and address come through to us so we can post your item to us, but please note that all payments are secure, and the actual card details are not released to us via this process, so you can put your mind at ease. 

Please do feel free to drop us an email ( to let us know what you think of our range.  

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