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The love of Buying...

The love of Buying...

One of the things I love about Buying product for customers, is that you get to see others taste in clothing through your own eyes. You have to get a level of understanding of what they are looking for.  You must look at a product and not think about your personal preferences – it’s about what the customer wants. They tell you by their £s or by their Clicks!

I remember working early in my career, alongside a very experience Buyer.

We worked on the Women’s Casual Jersey department of a large high street multiple.  In my first week, she took me through all the best sellers. These were lines which were selling over 100,000 units per season, per colour.  And they were disgusting! Honestly! They were what I would call, and im honestly not trying to be rude here!; ‘old lady tops’.  Some were ridiculously Germanic and masculine.

But for this company, it was their core customer, and we sold bucket loads of this stuff. This was my first real experience of buying product I could never relate to, and that I had to use the analytical data and a bit of common sense to keep the line maximizing its potential.  And I did (along with my fab team)

It just goes to show you – you can’t always guess what people will want to buy… but it’s the sign of a talented buyer when you have the range right and people love what you select for them! And any Buyer worth their salt will tell you that, regardless of what the line looks like – if it’s a best seller – you learn to Love it!!

As Liven Boutique develops and grows, please do feel free to reach out and let me know what you love or even what you'd like to love but can't find!

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