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We are LIVEN!

We are LIVEN!

And we are live!

It has been a roller-coaster of a week - juggling deliveries, ordering stock, finalising the website design, figuring out what feeds what, and the links to Facebook, etc... so we have learnt a lot!

Now, it’s time to really get the word out and get customers shopping!

The current retail situation is going to be interesting, with high street stores opening up in the UK after lockdown, but does this mean the joy will have gone out of shopping? It’s such a social activity- meeting your friends and loved ones to peruse the high street... what will this ‘new normal’ do to this fun?

Well, we know that our customers are always looking for something new and on trend, but not always the same as the multiples offer - who wants to turn up in the same outfit as someone else?

Here, at Liven, we are always excited to see new trends emerge and love that we can buy into pieces that we know you will love. 

We hope that you like what you see in our store, and that you share with your friends and family.


Team Liven


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